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We understand bartenders because we ARE bartenders.  From our blog to our product selection, you will find that just about any variety of bartending kit, cocktail shaker, or portable bar is available here. 

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FEATURED: Portable Bars

Bartending starter kits, flair, portable, or professional bartender kit varieties:

Bartending starter kits are great for the beginning bartender, or the traveling bartender who has limited space!  For the flair enthusiasts--you know who you are--Tiny Martini has got you covered with flair practice bottles, flair bartending dvds, and tons of accesories.  Portable and professional bartending kits are for the serious traveling bartender who likes to make money by taking gigs and getting paid to party!

Whether you are here to catch the latest recipes and bar humor from our blog, learn more about bartending, or just browse around our shop, Tiny Martini has got you covered!